Ein komplettes Sortiment an Schmierstoffen für die Aluminiumextrusion: Pressbolzen-Trennstoffe, Schneidenöle für Warm-/Kaltscheren, Sägen, Hydraulikfluids, uvm…


Extrusion is a manufacturing process in which a compressed material is forced to pass through a die having the section of the part to be made. This operation allows for continuous production of long products (tubes, pipes, profiles) at a fast rate.

Extrusion gives parts with even more precise shapes than are possible with stamping or die forging. Further, the parts show excellent surface condition, often allowing them to be used without further machining.

CONDAT offers a complete range of lubricants intended for extrusion and drawing of aluminium, adapted to each of the operations from cutting the billets through to shaping of the profile.

Associated services

In addition to the specific range of lubricants intended for aluminium extrusion, CONDAT also offers:

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