Filtration plants

Filtration plants
High-performance filtration and processing systems for the filtration of die-coating emulsions.


Automatic paper filtration units, electronic level sensor, dirty paper sensor and 52l/min pneumatic pump, used on machine tools, intended for purification of water, emulsions or aqueous solutions

Created for numerous applications, FDM paper roll filters are used to meet filtration needs for industrial liquids such as cutting fluids, lubricants, die-casting emulsions, cooling liquids, as well as for processing of waste water.

FDM filters can be used on individual machines or for centralised filtration, according to the application.

CONDAT can thus offer filtration systems with numerous options allowing for optimum filtration.


The fluid to be processed arrives by gravity through a pipe or via a condensate pump and is diffused over the filtration medium. This is mounted on a conveyor belt with raised edges to allow a high level of liquid without overflow and the formation of a “cake” that improves filtration efficiency.

When the medium becomes clogged, the liquid level rises until it triggers an electrical contact controlled by a float. The belt moves forward automatically, providing clean medium, the level of liquid goes down, and the belt movement stops until the following cycle. The clogged filtration medium and the retained solids are evacuated to a recovery tank.

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