Equipment for pneumatic pumping, distribution, feeding or filling of central or individual greasing systems from barrels or kegs.


We have selected a range of distribution-transfer equipment for technical or standard greases with a grade of up to NLGI - 2. These pumps are perfectly suited to distribution of greases from 200 kg barrels or 50 kg kegs.

Why choose a pneumatic piston pump for grease?

Effective greasing requires a pump with enough pressure to deliver the grease through the very narrow opening at the greasing point. This is why the pumps have high ratios and pressures.

All grease pumps recommended by CONDAT operate using double action, and draw in the product on both the upstroke and the downstroke of the piston.
An effective piston ensures correct priming of the pump and good feed, even with high viscosity or sticky greases. A hardened-steel foot valve minimises deterioration of the pump due to soiling. The air motor is designed to withstand humidity in the air and to resist corrosion.




  • Pressure ratio: 55: 1
  • Min - max air pressure 3 to 10 bar for a maximum fluid outlet pressure of 550 bar
  • Maximum free flow rate of 540g/min for a noise level of 92 dB.


  • Standard hose of 4 metres or spools of 10 or 15 metres
  • Booster grease gun 750 bar or gun with digital counter (in grams)

Product benefits

  • Grease pump guaranteed 5 years in normal use
  • High pressure for filling central greasing bowls
  • Equipment scalable according to customer requirements, on quotation

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