Heating blanket – Oils

Heating blanket - Oils
Condat heating blanket for barrels, kegs and cubitainers, to aid pumping, feeding, distribution and filling of neat oils


Along with the use of technical products, CONDAT also offers the means to protect your neat oils from frost or to heat them thanks to an electric heating blanket for use on containers, barrels and kegs.


This electric heating blanket is available from 250 to 1300 Watts, allowing you to heat or maintain the temperature of your IBC tank, barrel, keg or cubitainer.

Each blanket includes 1 integrated independent thermostat from 0°C to 40°C or 90°C. The heating element is sewn into an insulating sleeve made of a water-resistant Teflon/polyester material, itself sewn into a needled blanket in silica glass, with quick-release clips for easy removal / installation.

The heating element is protected from over voltage by a bonding strip in tinned copper.



Health and safety

Electric heating blanket produced in accordance with the LVD (low voltage) and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) directives and bearing the EC mark.

It is recommended:

  • To unplug the heating blanket when the tank is empty or when filling, or during installation / removal of the heater
  • To use the heating blanket in a dry environment and on a tank fitted with sufficient aeration to prevent the accumulation of internal pressure

Product benefits

  • Temperature maintenance or frost protection of oils stored in cold premises
  • Guarantees a minimum pumpability for oils
  • Aids implementation in automatic stations

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